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Comic for Sunday , December 25 , 2005
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20 December 2005 | Apathy Becoming Still Less Comic Genesis:
Apathy has moved to http://comic.apathysketchpad.com. Please update your bookmarks. You will be redirected in one minute.

25 July 2005 | Apathy Becoming Still Less Keen:
KeenSpace has officially changed its name to Comic Genesis. I shall amend the various parts of this site that use the old name IN THE FUTURE! This may also include a URL change, so watch out for that.

15 April 2005 | If He Looks Nothing Like Me:
Iím updating now for a few reasons. I may have added a couple of links, I havenít decided yet, and Iím updating the long out-of-date copyright notice. Also I want to point out this slightly unusual development: someone is making what can only be described as a cover version of the old Apathy Clan Worms comics. Go figure. Also, I feel I should apologise for missing so many updates of late, but Iíd rather finish my degree than update my comic. If thatís a problem for you then draw guest art to make your point.

21 February 2005 | Links Update:
I've just added another link to the links page, because I thought putting it anywhere else would be confusing.

2 February 2005 | Hats:
Just to let you know that Men In Hats is updating again. You all must read it. It's better than mine.

23 December 2004 | Beefed Up Links Page:
I have expanded my links page to four pages (of which three work so far) and it now includes more links.

14 December 2004 | Unplanned Outages (in the past):
The last couple of updates missed, I know. This was because the Keenspace server was changed form Windows to Linux, or from Linux to a different type of Linux, or something, anyway, and it reset a lot of stuff and I couldnít upload anything. Often when that happens (which is rare) I have a buffer of strips anyway, but as it was I was just about to upload said buffer. In any case, there are now three new strips scheduled to appear starting on Friday, so I hope you can all live with a blank week in the archive.

19 September 2004 | Worms Archive Added:
I just uploaded the full archive of Worms comics from my days doodling cartoons for the benefit of Team17 fans. If youíve read the pre-history secion of the about page youíll know what Iím talking about. If not, that frankly thatís your problem. The archive can be found at the bottom of the main archive page or in the pre-history section.

15 September 2004 | Slight Layout Tweak:
Today Keenspace decided it would be fun to change the width of the ad banner by 300 pixels. As youíve probably noticed this was in a drive to make it bigger. On the plus side, at least itís always the same width now, but it does mean that Iíve had to make the page layout a full 68 pizels wider. I may get around to tweaking the background and header images for this new width in the future. I suppose really Iíd have liked this to happen a week ago so Ianís overly-wide guest strip would fit on the page, but such is life...

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